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Six Sigma Team Dynamics
The Elusive Key to Project Success
de: George Eckes


Présentation par l'éditeur

"Any Six Sigma effort without Facilitative Leadership is a swing-and-a-miss. Six Sigma Team Dynamics is a thorough discussion of the roles, responsibilities, and pitfalls to avoid as a project team traverses through the DMAIC process. Touch 'em all George, you've hit an upper deck shot here!"
-Mike Kaupa
Senior VP, Process Management
Park Nicollet Health Services
"George makes Six Sigma simple. His solutions from real life about how to deal with individuals and teams could be applied to Six Sigma teams as well as to teams who have never heard of Six Sigma and who just want to be effective. The book is like a George Eckes session: you learned a lot, it seems so simple, and you had far more fun than you thought you would in a session about Six Sigma. George gets the people part of Six Sigma!"
-Karen Horn
Worldwide Leader
Organizational Communication
Six Sigma and Metrics
Cisco Systems
"For any Six Sigma team leader who has struggled in managing a dysfunctional team member or surviving the 'storming' phase of team development, Mr. Eckes offers time-tested, pragmatic approaches that work! The two chapters on 'preventions' and 'interventions' alone are worth the price of any number of facilitation training sessions by bringing together the best ideas in one place with palpable examples. Mr. Eckes's 'best practice' of summarizing key learnings at the end of each chapter makes this an easy-to-use reference tool for the already overworked Six Sigma professional."
-Debbie Neuscheler-Fritsch
Senior Vice President
JPMorgan Chase


  • Six Sigma Team Dynamics: The Elusive Key to Project Success.
  • The Roles and Responsibilities of a Six Sigma Team.
  • Team Effectiveness: How the Lack of Facilitative Leadership Results in Six Sigma Failures.
  • When Six Sigma Meetings Go Bad: Facilitative Interventions and When to Use Them.
  • Managing the Six Sigma Project.
  • Dealing with Maladaptive Six Sigma Behaviors.
  • Completing the Six Sigma Project: The Never Ending Responsibility of the Champion.
  • Pitfalls to Avoid in Creating Six Sigma Team Dynamics.
  • Appendix A: Alpha Omega Call Center DMAIC Templates.
  • Appendix B: 95 Questions Champions Should Ask Their Project Teams.
  • Appendix C: The Champion's Responsibilities.