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kanban made simple
Demystifying and applying Toyota's legendary manufacturing process
de: John M. Gross , Kenneth R. McInnis


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Originally developed at Toyota, the manufacturing process known as "kanban" has helped revolutionize how corporations and suppliers achieve maximum efficiency in getting products to and from the assembly line. Kanban adds a new dimension to just-in-time manufacturing by keeping your production line "liquid" at all times.

Kanban can be translated from the Japanese as "signboard" or "card signal," which refers to a system of visual cues in the production process. These cues ensure that parts are delivered to the manufacturing floor only as they are needed, reducing both parts storage and finished inventory in the production area. When implemented properly, the kanban technique minimizes waste, prevents overproduction, and ensures quick response to changes and problems.

Kanban Made Simple is a step-by-step guide to incorporating the ingenuity of the kanban system into any manufacturing environment. Using before-and-after case studies, this easy-to-follow guide shows you how to establish project goals, form a kanban team, and design the process from start to finish. Plus, with the free CD-ROM included with the book, you can create all the tools, forms, visuals, and documentation to make your production line a kanban success!


  • Introduction to Kanban
  • Forming Your Kanban Team
  • Conduct Data Collection
  • Size the Kanban
  • Developing a Kanban Design
  • Training
  • Initial Startup and Common Pitfalls
  • Auditing the Kanban
  • Improving the Kanban
  • Conclusion


Inclus : CD-ROM